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Dental Implants — Covington, GA

Rebuild Your Smile for Life

If you’re ready to finally replace your missing teeth or upgrade your denture, why not use the solution touted by dentists around the world as the gold standard of tooth replacement? Tooth replacement with dental implants in Covington, GA look and function better than traditional bridges and dentures, and they’ve been shown to last multiple times longer as well. For patients serious about putting their tooth loss behind them, Dr. Dean is able to provide start-to-finish dental implant care right here in Covington.

Why Choose Dean Dental Care for Dental Implants?

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are tooth replacements made up of three specific parts. This includes the implant post that replaces the root, the restoration that goes on top, and an abutment that connects them together. Unlike other options for replacing teeth, dental implants ensure patients can achieve a truly long-lasting solution for their tooth loss. Not only do dental implants last for decades at a time, but they feel natural when speaking and even when chewing the toughest foods imaginable. The confidence that people maintain while living with dental implants is one of the most common reasons why dentists recommend them first over other traditional treatment options.

The Dental Implant Process

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Over the course of Dr. Dean’s 25+ year career, he has taken countless hours of continuing education. Thanks to this, he’s one of the few dentists in the area that can perform the entire implant procedure himself from start to finish, including the surgical placement of the new roots. Because his patients don’t have to deal with referrals, they’re able to save time and money while rebuilding their smiles, and they enjoy the peace of mind of working with the same dentist throughout the entire process.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Why does Dr. Dean recommend dental implants to so many of his patients? Because they offer the only treatment that restores an entire tooth. A small titanium post is placed into the jawbone to recreate the tooth root, and this is used to secure a new crown, bridge, or denture. This approach offers a number of unique advantages:

Who Dental Implants Can Help

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Whether you just have one unwanted gap in your smile or an entire row of missing teeth, Dr. Dean can use dental implants to bring back your bite and confidence at the same time. Below, you can learn exactly what to expect from your treatment depending on the severity of your tooth loss.

Missing Single Tooth

Single missing teeth are usually replaced with a dental bridge that requires the surrounding healthy teeth to be filed down to hold the prosthetic. With an implant, however, a new root and crown can be positioned between two remaining teeth without affecting them at all.

Missing Multiple Teeth

Instead of replacing several teeth with individual implants, a small number of roots can be connected to a partial denture or bridge. Implant prosthetics can be fixed or removable, and compared to their traditional counterparts, they have a much stronger hold and better durability.

Missing All Teeth

Tired of your dentures sliding around your mouth and causing you discomfort? With just four to six dental implants, Dr. Dean can give you a rock solid denture you never have to worry about. Implant dentures are smaller and more comfortable than regular ones, and they also restore much more of a person’s biting strength.

Learn More About Implant Dentures

Understanding the Cost of Dental Implants

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Dental implants have quickly become the gold standard for tooth replacement, according to Dr. Dean and dentists around the country alike. Their longevity, esthetics, and restorative properties make them the most unique and effective treatment for replacing the crown and root of teeth. Once the implant post is placed inside of the jaw and given time to heal, a custom-made crown can easily be crafted to fit over the top of the post, making your smile complete. However, if you’re unsure what can influence the cost of this treatment, the team at Dean Dental Care is ready to help! Call his office today to set up your next consultation!

What Can Influence the Cost of My Implants?

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Dental implants are a highly customized treatment, which means that your tooth replacement needs will widely vary from any other patient’s. For example, if you needed to replace a single tooth vs. all the teeth in your mouth, it can be done, but it will cost much more to complete treatment. Furthermore, the state of your oral health as well as the condition of your jaw can greatly influence what your total price tag will be. If you need gum therapy to treat infected gum tissue or a bone graft/sinus lift to increase the available amount of bone tissue for implant placement, this will affect your costs as well.

What are the Different Parts of My Dental Implants?

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Dental implants are made up of three distinct parts. This includes the titanium post that integrates with your bone tissue, the restoration that fits over the top portion of the implant, and the abutment that connects the two components together. Each of these parts come with their own costs, especially the restoration since it can change wildly depending on how many teeth you need to replace. For example, replacing a single tooth with one implant-retained crown is much cheaper than using a dental bridge or denture that’s designed to affix to several dental implants at once.

What’s the Best Way to Determine My Costs?

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In order to best determine a more precise cost of your treatment, it’s crucial that you set up an initial consultation with Dr. Dean. Whether you want to learn more about the process or see if you are eligible for treatment, a consultation lets you determine what your specific needs might be. The better you understand the number of teeth you want to replace and which treatments you’ll need to get it done, the more accurate your treatment estimate becomes. When you want a tooth replacement that not only looks great, but stands the test of time and prevents existing bone tissue from breaking down, there’s no other treatment quite like dental implants.

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