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Dentures and Partials - Covington, GA

Affordable and Comprehensive Tooth Replacement

A complete denture.

When you’re missing several teeth (or all the teeth in a given arch), your life is far more likely to be affected by numerous inconveniences. Not only is it difficult to show your smile to those around you, but eating your favorite foods can become an impossible task. Even your facial appearance can start to take a toll as your jawbone begins to break down. If you have remaining teeth, you may start to notice them shifting out of place, resulting in long-term issues with your bite and smile’s alignment. With natural-looking and highly functional dentures and partials from Dr. Stephen Dean, you can address these issues directly when you give our office a call!

Why Choose Dean Dental Care for Dentures and Partials?

How Dentures and Partials Can Help You

Dentures and partials in Covington.

One of the most common solutions for replacing several missing teeth at a time is dentures and partial dentures. Both types of dentures are made from natural-looking, yet durable materials. This ensures that your smile looks pleasant and remains functional for many years to come. They are considered to be one of the most affordable options out there for addressing multiple missing teeth on opposite sides of the mouth or replacing all teeth in the top/bottom arch.

If you believe full or partial dentures are right for you, you can call our office to set up a consultation. To create your next denture, Dr. Stephen Dean captures detailed impressions of your mouth and works with a dental lab to design and fabricate your future prosthetic. After the denture is created, he’ll perform a comprehensive fitting to ensure they feel comfortable and sit inside the mouth properly.

Full Dentures vs. Partial Dentures

A dentist explaining how a denture works to a patient.

There are generally two types of traditional dentures available. This includes full dentures and partial dentures.

Full dentures are designed to replace all the teeth in your top arch, bottom arch, or both, depending on your needs. Full dentures are made from a gum-colored base and porcelain teeth, ensuring a natural-looking appearance when worn. They stay in the mouth via natural suction, which is why personalizing them to fit your mouth exactly is so important. Full dentures are ideal for those with severe tooth loss and can last for many years when properly cared for.

Partial dentures are different because they are only meant to replace specific teeth on opposite sides of your mouth. This means they act like a puzzle piece in your smile. Via metal hooks, partial dentures wrap around existing teeth to stay in place. This means they often have superior stability compared to full dentures, which only rely on natural suction and adhesive to stay in place.

Regardless of the denture you need, they both make it easy to smile, expand your diet, and prevent neighboring teeth from shifting out of place!

The Benefits of Implant-Retained Dentures

An older woman smiling at her dental appointment.

If you want a considerably more stable denture that not only remains in place but stimulates bone tissue, you’ll find the implant-retained option more ideal. Instead of relying on the natural shape of your mouth or metal hooks to stay in place, implant-retained dentures attach to a series of implants placed directly in the jawbone. With them, you can enjoy far more foods (including tough, crunchy or chewy foods) and keep your biting force strong. They also require significantly fewer replacements and can last multiple decades before needing repair.

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