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Is My Child Too Young for Cosmetic Dentistry?

December 14, 2022

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child visiting cosmetic dentist in Covington

These days, cosmetic dentistry is no longer for just mom and dad. Because of social media, teenagers are looking for ways to boost their self-esteem and improve their quality of life. As a result, some kids may be exploring their cosmetic options. With these services, teens can achieve a grin they’ll never want to stop showing off! Read on to learn which cosmetic treatments are recommended for younger patients and which ones are not.


How Much Do Root Canals Cost?

November 30, 2022

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A tooth and a stack of coins balancing on a scale.

For some reason, people have an outsized fear of root canal therapy. They seem to think the procedure is painful or that it has a long recovery time. That just isn’t true! Root canal therapy is an excellent way to address deep infections within a tooth, quickly and painlessly.

One more thing people worry about when it comes to root canal therapy is the cost. If you’re concerned about being able to afford root canal therapy, here’s what you need to know about how much you’re likely to spend.


How to Keep your Dentures White

November 5, 2022

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A set of yellow dentures.

If you’ve gotten dentures recently, you might still be in the process of learning how to eat and talk naturally again. You might also be getting used to the upkeep. Now that you have your prosthetic, you’ll want to take care of it as well as you can, so that it looks good for as long as possible. If you want to keep your dentures white, here are a few tips.


Partial Dentures vs. Dental Bridges: Which One is Best for You?

October 8, 2022

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man at dentist visit

Do you have missing teeth? If so, you are not alone. According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), by age 50, most Americans have lost an average of 12 teeth. Fortunately, modern times have provided multiple tooth loss solutions, like partial dentures and dental bridges. But which one is best for you? Your dentist in Covington is here to tell you about the differences and explore which option may be best for you.


Five Questions to Ask During Your Dental Implant Consultation

September 5, 2022

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Patient asking questions during her dental implant consultation.

When it comes to replacing missing teeth, dental implants are considered the premier solution. Upon receiving them, the look, feel, and functionality of a patient’s smile is fully restored, and their quality of life is noticeably improved. That said, the first step towards getting dental implants is visiting your dentist for a consultation—it is a surgical procedure, after all! Here are five important questions that you should ask during this appointment so that you can feel informed and comfortable about the dental implant process.


Six Helpful Tips for Caring for Your Dentures

September 3, 2022

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Man holding his dentures after cleaning them.

Dentures are one of the most effective ways of replacing missing teeth, capable of replacing just a few or an entire row of lost pearly whites. That said, dentures can only fulfill their purpose if they’re cared for properly—and that care falls on you! Here are a few useful tips from your dentist for keeping your dentures clean and in optimal shape for serving your smile well.


4 Easy Tips for Taking Care of Your Clear Aligners

August 31, 2022

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Closeup of smiling patient with clear aligners in Covington

Clear aligners are a revolutionary treatment and are quickly becoming the most popular way to address orthodontic issues. Not only are they removable and generally more comfortable than traditional metal braces, but they’re virtually invisible when worn! No more feeling embarrassed about shiny metal wires and brackets distracting from your appearance during treatment. However, it’s important to remember that your aligners will only stay clear as long as you take care of them. Here are four easy and practical tips for taking care of your clear aligners in Covington.


4 Common Causes of TMD

August 12, 2022

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Bruxism, one of several possible TMD causes

Have you been experiencing jaw pain lately? Perhaps a clicking sound when you move your mouth? If so, you may be dealing with a jaw condition called TMD. It’s important to know for sure, as the latter often needs dental treatment to prevent future problems. Otherwise, you could risk bite issues, tooth erosion, inflammation, or sleep apnea. That said, your Covington dentist can help confirm your situation. Read on to learn about four common TMD causes that you ought to address.


Why Do Dentists Take X-Rays?

July 21, 2022

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Dental X-ray

You go to the dental office for regular cleanings and checkups every six months, and oftentimes, you require dental X-rays at the start of your appointment. Have you ever wondered the reason behind this practice? If you aren’t in any pain, why does your dentist need to look below the surface of your smile? Continue reading to learn more about dental X-rays, how they work, and how often you need to get them done.


Are You at Higher Risk of Oral Cancer?

July 7, 2022

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Oral cancer ribbon

When you think about the health of your smile, you are generally considering tooth decay and gum disease, but do you know if you are at increased risk for oral cancer? This refers to cancer that develops in any part that makes up the oral cavity. It can occur on the lips, tongue, gums, cheeks, roof, and floor of the mouth. Read on to learn more about the risk factors of oral cancer as well as the warning signs of this disease.

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